Functionality & Methodology

The ideas-Shared ‘peer-to-peer/consumer’ idea-sharing platform comprises a unique blend of technology solutions and methodology designed to support a complex environment.

Ideas-Shared Quadrant

Overview of Ideas-Shared

“Ideas-Shared facilitates the identification and delivery of personal, community, and business goals”

To facilitate the delivery of member goals, Ideas-Shared has been designed with the end goal in mind… (that’s your success somewhere)… using a combination of technology, and methodology.

It is a solution of two halves. The first is our online Software as a Service (SaaS) platform (think Facebook, LinkedIn, etc),… and the second is our ‘Dream Team Builder Optimisation Model‘ or methodology that together power member thought and action. It also helps our members use their emotional and logical thinking to pursue and achieve important and urgent goals right across the spectrum of life.

The Platform

Our Platform comprises the following functionality:

  • Member Profiles
  • Member Ratings
  • Member Search
  • Idea and Thought, Place & Event Listings
  • Listing Search
  • Listing Syndication & Link Embedding
  • Posters for offline Listing promotion
  • Multi-Ratings for Listings
  • Open Groups
  • Closed and Hidden Groups
  • Project and Task Management
  • Forum discussions
  • Zoom calls for Groups
  • Member Connections
  • Private Messaging
  • Community Invites
  • Group Invites
  • Notifications
  • Network Search
  • Activity Feeds
  • Albums & Media including Video
  • GDPR

Our methodology includes Life Skills refreshers… a Step-by-Step Guide… and powerful Self-Reflective Coaching Sessions. For those that want a deeper dive into the methodology, our well-stocked Library is a must-visit attraction.

Just come with an open mind, and a general outline of where you want to go, then let us facilitate your journey, as you share ideas, build teams, and get results!

The Methodology

Our methodology is built around a dream team builder optimisation model, a comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow roadmap for members who choose to pursue their dreams and goals with us.

The model looks like this:

IT + (IS + LP) = VB

Or put another way: Ideas and Thought plus (Ideas-Shared plus Leverage and Popularity) equals Value and Benefit.

We cut through the complexity of life to focus on creating value from sharing ideas and thoughts using an easy-to-remember 7 step process.

Use our tools and methodology when the only thing you really want to get something done!

Idea-Shared on Desk Top

You Decide What You Want to Achieve...

Set up within the platform are 18 Activity Listing Types that you can strive for… you select the desired outcomes you want to achieve…

Primary Activity

7 ‘Idea and Thought’ Activity Listings:

  • Idea Listings delivering Build, Campaign, Do Something, Improve, Innovate, Invent, and Suggest Something outcomes
  • Rant Listings delivering Complain, Change, Get Redress, Improve, Overcome, Vent Frustration, Vent Anger, Warn Others, and Stop Something outcomes
  • Problem Listings delivering Change, Fix, Improve, Overcome, Repair, Solve, and Stop Something outcomes
  • Article Listings delivering Complain, Educate, Evaluate, Explain, Inform, Promote, Share, Showcase, Warn, and Stop Something outcomes
  • Question Listings delivering Decide, Engage, Get Feedback, Influence, Learn, and Prompt Reaction outcomes
  • Solution Listings delivering Educate, Promote, and Sell outcomes
  • Job Listings delivering Find Help, and Offer Help outcomes

Primary Activity Usage Examples

196 Ways To Make A Difference Mock UpExamples of what you can use Idea and Thought Listings for include:

  • Have an idea for a business but don’t know how to proceed? – Create an Idea Listing…
  • Have a problem in the community? – Create a Problem Listing…
  • Want to promote a solution for specific circumstances? – Create a Solution Listing…
  • Want to help save the environment – Create an Idea Listing
  • Fed up with something? – Create a Rant Listing
  • Want to force action? – Create any Listing

To help members identify opportunities to develop value and benefit, we have made available to all our members our ‘196 Ways To Make A Difference Using Ideas-Shared‘ eBook.

This is available in the Member Library.

Other Activity Listing Types

Additional to the 7 Idea and Thought Activity Listing Types are 11 supporting activity listing types:

  • 3 Showcase Place Activity Listing Types that include Places Worth Visiting, Places Needing Help, and Places Able to Help
  • 8 Promote Event Activity Listing Types comprising A Day in History, Conferences, Exhibitions, Fund Raising, Open Days,
    Public Meetings, Trade Shows, and Online Meetings

On Ideas-Shared, activity listings can be linked to prior posts… here’s an example:

  • Member A posts an Idea listing (#1) designed to deliver an improvement outcome
  • Member B posts a separate Article listing (#2) that may provide additional clarity for member A and links it to listing #1
  • Member C posts a Solution listing (#3) which offers Member A an option, they may also contact that member and link to listing #1 and #2
  • Member C posts an Event listing (#4) to showcase a particular event that other members may wish to attend, and link it to any other applicable listing

Ideas-Shared is a versatile solution that brings like-minded people together to achieve all manner of results for themselves, communities, businesses, the environment, and lots more besides.

We’ve simplified the complex process of change and improvement, enabling people with similar interests to not just talk about it but to go do it. That is the real value of Ideas-Shared.

Putting It All Together

In addition to technology, and our Dream Team Builder Optimisation Model, we also provide Life-Skills Training, Online Coaching, as well as a comprehensive Member Library. Everything is designed to help you make a difference in the world, locally, globally, with the people you know, and those you’ve yet to meet.

More than 3 years in the making, Ideas-Shared is possibly the most advanced, yet easy-to-use idea-sharing platform on the planet…