Community Members

Our clients are ordinary people aged from 16 to 75+ with hopes and dreams, committed to making the world a better place in their own special way.

Importantly, our members want to do more than simply talk about something… they strive for something better and want to see themselves, and others succeed!

It’s likely that you’ll already be contemplating, or undertaking enlightened self-interest ventures in some form or other (knowingly or by deed); and not be interested in blaming, sniping, procrastinating, or other such negative behaviour that you know limits potential.

On Ideas-Shared, members drive their own agenda and seek the leverage needed to achieve their goals.

How do I know if I am an enlightened self-interested type of person?

What a great question… people are either self-interested i.e., selfish, thinking only of themselves; or enlightened self-interested, whereby one realises that by sharing and helping others you directly, or indirectly are helping yourself too.

Enlightened self-interested individuals who would benefit from joining Ideas-Shared also display a combination of other traits; and as an enlightened self-interested individual, you may display some or all of the following:

  • Is open enough to engage with anyone
  • Can articulate well
  • Has integrity, and says things as they are, not afraid to be counted
  • Not happy to accept inefficiency in any form
  • Wonder why it takes forever to get anything done
  • Want to be in control of their own ideas, and thoughts
  • Are decisive individuals
  • Will do whatever it takes to get the desired outcome
  • Is happy working on their own or with others
  • Can be a leader and follower as required
  • Not afraid to try new things
  • See political correctness and corporate politics as blockers to progress
  • Is happy to support anyone that needs help
  • Believes everyone should have the same opportunities regardless of birth
  • Wants to live in a fairer society
  • Looks for new technology to help achieve their goals
  • Comfortable with social networking and meeting new people

If you embrace enlightened self-interest come and get involved and let’s make a difference together.